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 Warning! Aware Your Id From Ha.cking

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PostSubject: Warning! Aware Your Id From Ha.cking   July 8th 2011, 4:46 pm

Aware From Ha.cking your ID.

Hac.kers must do from the following steps to hack your ID. Im giving like aware you from the hacking. Follow the instructions and safe your ID.

Step 1: the hac.ker who want to hack your ID will give you a site or loging site and will say to you that "if you login to this site your ID will safe" but the truth is that, if you log to the site, your ID and password will get and the ha.cker is who give you the site.

Step 2: A user or friend will give you a xml script and say to you that "this xml script for the dc or hanging etc.." but the truth is that when you enter your id and password in that xml script and use the xml script your ID will get and ha.cker will be your friend who give you the xml script.

Step 3: A user or friend will give you a bombus or bombusmod or nimbuzz jar version or nimbuzz video chat and when you login to that file your id will get and the ha.cker will be that who give you the file.

Remember: Make your id password is at least 20 alphabets not only alphabets also use numbers and signs too for example: abcz1230*~_-)(%$ etc.. No ha.cker can your id then. *FUCK* ha.ckers *FUCK* -Very Happy
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Warning! Aware Your Id From Ha.cking
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